Laval Tea Tree Concealer Stick - Review

Hello beauties!

Today I have something a little special for you - a review!

I have never done one of these before, well except those book reviews in primary school, so this is a little new! but I am so excited to be trying out this product and sharing my thoughts on it with all of you. I even have a few tips on how to get the best use out of it too!

The product I'm reviewing today is the 'Laval Tea Tree Concealer Cover Stick.' I'm not going to lie to you, I LOVE it. Previously I've been hesitant to try different concealers, I always find them a little cakey, and they just don't seem to work well with my skin tone. This one however, works wonders for me. I have been using it everyday since it arrived.

Here's the write up on it..

"Laval Tea Tree Concealer is a creamy lipstick style cover stick for hiding blemishes and shadows with the added ingredient of Tea Tree Oil to help fight spots.

This product is available in three shades:




Made in England, Laval cosmetics are not tested on animals."

Not tested on animals? Bonus! love it when makeup brands refuse to test on animals, I find the thought of them being locked up and made to try out makeup absolutely awful!

I have found that the Laval Tea Tree Concealer Stick is great at hiding unwanted imperfections. This concealer is quite creamy, giving a smooth, even coverage over the problem area. If the product is being used as a concealer stick and is being placed directly onto the skin it can create quite a thick coverage, this helps to cover any redness or discolouration on the skin. However if it is being used to cover blemishes and under eye circles I do recommend using either the ring finger or a makeup brush. Using the concealer as a stick can cause a cakey effect which will create product build up. The highly pigmented formula allows you to cover up the darkest shadows and even large blemishes that are raised on the skins surface. In my experience of using this concealer I have also found it to be quite a matte finish, giving me a flawless look and helped me to dull down shiny, oily patches.

Before I reveal my tips on how to apply this concealer, let me tell you a little bit of information about my skin type. (Some concealers work better on specific skin types)

I have pale, pale, pale skin, in fact someone once told me I'm a true British rose, you know, pale skin, brown hair, pink lips, tinted cheeks, but I don't know how true that is. If I'm choosing a foundation shade I tend to go for the lightest shade, or one very close to it. I have combination skin, with particular areas being oily and other areas being dry. I don't have acne, but a do occasionally get blemishes, break outs in hot weather and I also breakout if I've eaten too much dairy, tried a new face product, or eaten too much junk food. I do have red areas though and occasional dark under eye circles.

I found this concealer worked pretty well at covering up blemishes. I mean seriously the pictures say it all! The tea tree oil also helped to reduce the size and redness of my blemishes within a maximum of 3-4 days.

Concealing these awful shadows went pretty well, don't you think? Under eye dark circles were a little harder to cover up than the blemishes, however after I applied two thin layers of the concealer, they did appear reduced. I wouldn't recommend using a lot of this on your under eye circles because too much build up will create creases under your eye, and this can cause you to look even more tired. This concealer is my new under eye must have though! I haven't found another product quite so pigmented or as good at concealing the purple/blue tones.

Tips and tricks:

Apply in thin layers (don't cake it on ladies, it will NOT be a pretty look)

Apply using your ring finger in a small dabbing motion (your ring finger is the softest and is therefore more gentle on your skin. Using a dabbing motion will prevent premature wrinkles)

Apply underneath and on top of your foundation (if you are trying to conceal a blemish, I found it best to apply a very thin layer before my foundation as a base, and then a thin layer on top to conceal any redness that was still visible)

Don't drop it! (sounds silly, and I suppose it is a bit, but I dropped my concealer yesterday, I was so sad, the top got fluff in it and I had to chop the top off to make sure it was still clean and usable!)

I would definitely recommend this product, especially at such a bargain price. I can't wait to try more Laval products and explore their makeup world!

I now use this product everyday in my makeup routine, especially if I'm going out and need to look photo-perfect!

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