While a perfectly symmetric eyeliner and long

lasting rouge really bring your natural contours to life, no makeup can look good without a proper base. Foundation is arguably the most important step of every makeup routine and can make or break your look. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of makeup or just want to perfect your skill, our tips will help you to create a flawless makeup base, every time.

1. Be careful when choosing the right shade Nail polish or an eyeshadow palette can be an impulse purchase, but the same rule doesn’t apply to the foundation. If you don’t pick the right color, then no other trick can help you to achieve a natural, glowy look. There are several steps when looking for the perfect color match. The first is to determine if your skin has cool, warm or neutral undertones. This will help you tremendously. Many brands define the undertones of their foundations, making the choice all that easier. If you’re not sure on the shade of foundation, make the popular three-swipe test. Apply a small amount of three shades on your cheek, and choose the one that seems closest to your natural skin color. If you’re new with foundation, you can also ask a professional at a cosmetic store.

2. Don’t forget about the correct formula

There are tons of different foundation brands out there, and the shades aren’t the only thing that differentiates them. Not every formula will work on your skin, so you should consider your needs as well as skin type when selecting the right product. For example, if you have oily skin a mattifying foundation will work for you, while those with dry skin will benefit much more from a hydrating formula. The foundations also differ in their coverage, and those with healthy skin should go for light coverage while those with acne or skin issues can enjoy a full-coverage foundation. You will probably have to mix and match for some time, before you find the perfect formula that has everything you need.

3. Prime your Face

As good as your foundation is, it will just not look perfect if your skin is not prepped. Make sure that you thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturise your face before applying any makeup. A good decision would also be to prime before foundation. Like foundations, primers also come with different formulas so you can pick one that best matches your specific needs. Colour correcting primers, for example, are perfect for those with redness or under-eye circles, while illuminating primers will make the entire look seem more natural and glowy. Regardless of the formula, all primers share one benefit: your foundation will look better and last incomparably longer than it would if you only used moisturiser.

4. Add a personal touch

You found the best formula and shade for your general needs, but it doesn’t fit on some occasions? There are many things you can do to change the shade and consistency of your foundation. For example, if your mattifying foundation dries out your skin during the colder days, add a few drops of essential oil and it will provide more hydration while also giving you a more dewy look. Likewise, if you have a full-coverage foundation and want a natural daily look, just mix it with a few drops of your favourite moisturiser and voila - you just crafted a BB cream. Don’t be afraid to play with your makeup, it’s a perfect way to discover what works best with your skin. So, there you go - our four tips for achieving a flawless makeup base. Follow these steps, and you’ll become a foundation expert in no time!