As of Monday 23rd March, the UK government, has effectively put the United Kingdom in a Quarantine state, encouraging social distancing and the Government ordered that non-essential retailers should close down to help limit the spread of COVID-19, but encouraged online retail to continue, while postal services and delivery networks are continuing to run as normal. except local postal issues due postal workers self isolating.

We have always had a good practise with regards to goods and handling orders,we have now stepped up even more with regular hand washing and use of gel based hand sanitizers.

With shops selling non-essential items now closed, online retail has an increasingly important role to play. We don’t take that responsibility lightly and we’re doing everything within our power to ensure you receive the items you need whilst protecting the health and safety of all parties involved.

International Shipment Updates

As you may know from the media recently, a number of countries are cancelling flights between Europe and themselves, and countries within the EU are shutting borders and some are or have gone on lockdown.

Unfortunately, this means that almost all international mail and parcels will be delayed wherever they go as many pass-through EU countries etc. onto other destinations. Some freight also piggybacks onto commercial flights, Royal Mail for example, use BA to inject into the USA. These flights have recently been cancelled.

We will do our utmost to work with our carrier partners to ensure mail/parcels are stored safely in periods they are held and we will move the freight as quickly, safely and as smooth as possible. Please note this may cause big breaks within the tracking where parcels haven't been scanned and we expect we will see delays.

Update 25th March

We are now passing all airmail through Germany using Deutsche Post a group member of DHL