While gala evenings and other special occasions require complex makeup looks and a dozen products, an everyday look can be achieved quickly and effortlessly. Today, we’re overwhelmed with hundreds of advertisements for different makeup products, and beauty gurus constantly add up new “must-do” steps. However, using too much makeup daily will make your skin suffer, so it’s good to know how to achieve a put together look without going overboard. In this article, we will list the items we recommend you to use in order to get that natural everyday look. 

Sleek MakeUp Control Shine Face Primer

You should never skip primer when working on a perfect everyday look. You want your make up to stay put the entire day, and a good primer will make sure of that. Our go-to-choice is the Sleek MakeUp Control Shine Face Primer because it creates an even base that allows flawless foundation application. As an added benefit, it will minimise the appearance of pores and control oil production for a full-day matte finish. It will leave you with a flawless complexion, so you might decide to completely skip the foundation for a truly natural look.

Gallery Fresh Moisture Liquid Make-Up Foundation

A foundation is not a must-have step of every look, but it makes you look more put together, which is especially important when doing your makeup for work. A customer favourite, the Gallery Fresh Moisture Liquid Make-Up Foundation has a perfect formula for nearly any skin type. It contains moisturisers, so your skin won’t dry out during the day while the UVA/UVB filters make sure it is protected from harmful sun rays. This foundation comes in six different shades and you’ll easily find a perfect match for your skin tone.

Body Collection Liquid Concealer

It's rare that women have a flawless under-eye area as soon as their wash their face in the morning, and the rest of us need some help from a good concealer. We love the Body Collection Liquid Concealer because it hides all our imperfections without leaving our skin cake-y. It has a precision applicator which makes blending effortless. It comes in two shades, for pale and dark skin tones and its formula melts perfectly into every foundation you use. It’s also small enough to fit into any handbag, allowing easy corrections during the entire day.

It’s easy to stay in a safe zone with everyday makeup. We find a look that works good, and we stop experimenting further. However, we think changing up appearances can make the makeup routine much more interesting, and the Body Collection Hear Makeup Pallette makes experimentation easy. It consists of 12 eyeshadows in every color you can imagine, as well as four lipglosses for a natural day look. It’s completed with two blushers which are especially beneficial for those tired days, while the makeup brushes will make the application quick and hassle-free.

Body Collection Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara

Eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lipgloss are a matter of personal preference, but every woman will agree that no makeup look is done without a mascara. If you want longer and thicker lashes that bring all the attention towards your eyes, then we recommend the Body Collection Lash Extreme

Volumising Mascara. It’s enriched with collagen, so it lengthens and thickens our lashes while the brush fills out any sparse areas simitating a false-lash look.

Once you have a perfect makeup set, achieving a perfect daily look becomes a relaxing and effortless experience. Just keep all your products in one place, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble in the morning.