1. Block Eyeliner

Blunt, thick, black liner is all the rage this year. Yes, while the ever-popular cat-eye is cute and feminine, blunt, block eyeliner is so much edgier and cooler than the perfectly sharp angular pointed eye! So, if you’re looking for a change from the cat eye or never managed to perfect it in the first place, this is the trend for you.

2. Dewy skin

Natural, glowy and dewy skin is favoured over a heavily angular and sculpted face in 2018. This can be achieved by ditching your contouring kit (sorry Kim K) and replacing it with highlighter and blush (mixed with a bit of bronzer if you want to boost your colour) to create and natural and healthy ‘rosy tan’ look.

3. Clumpy Mascara

Thick, clumpy, full lashes are IN – more is more and nothing is too much. Overload on thick layers of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes; the 60s are making a comeback, think Twiggy.

4. Electro Eyes

It is time to ditch the natural muted eye shadow palettes and switch it up for electro-pop colours – blue, pink, orange the brighter the colour, the better. Channel your inner 80s Madonna.

5. Feathery Brows

Coloured in block shaped brows that have been so prevalent over the last five years or so are on their way out. Instead, 2018 favours the feathered, light, fluffy brows. Get this effect using a translucent eyebrow gel brush and gently stroke upwards through the hairs on your brows, giving volume and fullness without the risk of that dreaded slug-like appearance.

6. Glossy Lids

Did you think gloss was just for your lips? Think again, glossy lids are the ultimate 2018 beauty trend. Simply brush some translucent eye-gloss over your everyday eye shadow and you’re good to go.

7. Red cherry-pop lips

Glossy red lips have been all over the runway for S/S 2018. In order to perfect this look, build up colour in the centre of the lower lip and fade it out to create a plumper, more rounded shape.

8. Going for gold

Rich and warm gold tones have taken over in a big way: from eye shadows to mascara to highlighter to eyeliner; stick with gold and you’ll be bang on trend in 2018’s upcoming seasons. Sunshine glows all around, however keep it natural and minimal, use too much and you’ll end up looking like an Oscar statue!

9. Disco, Disco

Glitter eyes are going to be all the rage. In following this trend, brands are selling glitter pots and glitter eye shadows. The trick is to brush it onto your lids in the way you would with a normal eye shadow, but don’t stop there, continue to brush the glitter towards your eyebrows. Take it as far as you want depending how daring you are.

10. Sparkle lips

Lips are taking things back to the 90s. Keep it simple yet trendy with the clear sparkle gloss. Either apply a clear gloss on top of a sparkle lipstick or buy the increasingly popular all in one. This is a perfectly understated feminine look that complements anyone and every one of all ages.