W7 Face Shaping 3 Contour Crayon Stix

W7 Face Shaping 3 Contour Crayon Stix

Brand: W7 Cosmetics
Product Code: 3 Contour Stix
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It's your face, your own unique look, create the look you desire with ease with W7's Contour Stix's, Shape your face in 3 easy steps and give your cheekbones that extra contoured lift you've always wanted!


Using the contour crayon sweep thinly under the cheekbones and both sides of the nose. The sweep both sides of the forehead and temples and along the jawline.


Apply the bronze crayon lightly down the nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead temples to warm your complexion.


To complete the look apply the highlight crayon to the middle of your nose, above the eye brows and above the cheekbones and chin. Blend shades evenly.