Laval Powder Blusher - Review
24 Sep

Laval Powder Blusher - Review

Posted By: ElleMua

Laval Powder Blusher - Review

Happy Sunday! :) 

This review is of the Laval Powder Blusher - one of my favourite things! I wear it all day everyday, and have done for about four months.

Here's what the product description says..

These beautiful powder blushers come in ten fabulous shades, all of which enhance your cheek bones beautifully.




Frosted Pink


Peach Haze




Pink Illusion

This product has become part of my everyday routine and I don't think a day goes by where I don't reach for it. I even own others that don't get opened now, in fact some are still in their packaging. I still haven't quite worked out what it I love about it. It just seems to work for me, the colour, the pigment, the finish, everything. You know when you find a product you just can't put down?! I actually hate it when I see beauty bloggers raving about a product and they're saying things such as "I don't buy anything else." "I've used it for years." "I went back and bought 10." It really bugs me, I like change! but I guess when it comes to blusher I'm like those bloggers, I've found a product I love, and I want to stick to it! 

The product description says "all of which enhance your cheek bones beautifully" and it's true, they do. But you need to know how and where to apply it in order for it to really look good. Do you ever see people who look a little like those dolls with the rosy circular shape right on the apples of their cheeks? That's not quite the look we're going for this season.. Although I'll admit some people can pull it off! This picture I found on pinterest is a great guide to where your blusher should be applied. It shows you where you should place it depending on your face shape.


When applying my blusher I like to use an ordinary blusher brush (I use Real Techniques brushes) however I find that pinching the brush slightly between my fingers helps create a more precise application, that can then be easily blended for a more natural look. 

Here's how the product looks on my skin..  

For those of you who are wondering, I have the colour 'Frosted Pink' it looks really natural on and just adds a slight rosy tint to the cheeks. (It also looks great with the Saffron Magic Colour Change Lipstick, which I am wearing in the last photo.)

If you'd like to purchase any of these blushers head on over to where they are currently £1.45! 

Elle xo

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