The Technic Dewy Setting Spray is a gorgeous 31ml bottle full of goodness! This   product is just all around perfect, it has a soft coconut scent that will truly illuminate your complexion all day long!

I absolutely love the bottle it comes in too! The whole bottle is a gorgeous pastel/creamy pink with rose gold aesthetic writing describing what it is and how to use it! Both of the colours mix so gently together which gives off a nice look and lets be honest who doesn't love a product that isn't only one of the best dewy setting sprays available but also looks cute too?!

When trying the Dewy Setting Spray I first tried it without makeup on! YES, you can use this for a makeup day or for a day where you've woke up late and know that you probably should put makeup on but you don't really have the energy! Well if you're like me and would rather stay in bed a bit longer this can be applied to a bare face  to instantly illuminate the face and glow like you want to!

The gorgeous coconut scent stayed all day as well, which I wasn't really expecting! When I then applied it after makeup it gave my whole face a lovely dewy and illuminated complexion and made the little highlighter I had on POP!

I think one of my mot favourite things about this product is that it's suitable for vegans and vegetarians and that the whole entire Technic brand is cruelty free and who doesn't love knowing that their makeup hasn't harmed any cute bunnies or animals? :)

Overall I do think that the Technic Dewy setting spray is definitely worth purchasing because it looks great on any day of the week! From work days to lazy days to the hangover days! The smell is so pleasant and it lasts all day which most other brands don't! And lastly it keeps your makeup on like a charm while making you look like a goddess!