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This multi-purpose, double-ended lipstick combines a creamy lipstick with a matching twist up lip liner to add long-last colour and definition to your lips with ease. Set of six fabulous shades: 01 Rose Ice 02 Fuscia 03 Party Pink  04 Tulip  05 Wine ..
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Saffron Magic Colour Change Lipstick ~ Set of Six
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This great colour changing lipstick reacts to body heat and PH levels which means the resulting colour is unique to you. The lipstick applies like a sheer lipstick, Contains vitamin E and aloe vera. Available as a set comprising of,six great shades; Blue Green Yel..
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These neon pencils have been specially formulated to give an excellent result on both eyes and lips. 12cm including lid. Complete set of seven pencils: Blue Yellow Red Orange Pink Green Magenta   ..
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Saffron Neon Lipstick Set of Six
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Every day colour lipstick is just not done these days and having funky coloured nails and lips are all the range. These neon lipsticks from Saffron cosmetics will make you stand out with a lovely subtle touch of matt colour. Having coloured lips can be for all ages not just teenagers. Keep y..
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These fun lip glosses are fab - the bright retro colours look great and they smell scrummy too! The easy to use roller ball lip gloss comes in a delicious selection of ultra sweet and fruity flavours. Set of six includes one of each flavour: Apple  Banana Re..
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