Technic ¾ Length False Eyelashes Review

The Technic ¾ Length False Eyelashes are one of the most recent new and gorgeous products that Technic have dropped, and of course I had to test them out and let you all know whether these lashes are the bomb or not (spoiler alert: you’ll be pleasantly surprised)!

All of the ¾ length lashes are vegan & vegetarian friendly, no trim lashes, and come with their own lash glue which should be enough for at least 3 separate applications! The glue is also a great size to stick anywhere! Purse, pocket, makeup bag, you can literally fit it anywhere which is so handy!

As they’re non trim it’s less stress, I have quite small eyes compared to most of the people I know but even my lashes required no trim. For me this is a major bonus as I find trimming lashes so fiddly and there’s been a few pairs I’ve ruined trying to use blunt scissors (oops!), so having ones that already fit my eyes is perfect for me.

The lash band on all pairs is comfortable and doesn’t irritate the eyes but is strong enough not to split or break as you’re removing it from the packaging (I’ve had many troubles with this with other lashes and it effectively ruins both lashes L ).

The false lashes themselves look real, narrowing towards the edge to give a real authentic look to them. They’re soft and 3D layered to give a fluffier, more natural look to the eyelashes, without being overpowering and looking fake.

I’ve tested out all of the lashes and I’m in love with all of them, so far I’ve got 3 uses out of one pair by properly cleaning them and they still look beautiful! It’s well worth the £2.99 when you can use them over and over again, it shows the quality and care Technic have put into these lashes.


The number 12 ¾ length eyelashes give a hybrid look to the eyes, providing a mixture of natural and glam, elongating and emphasising the eyes and eye makeup.

The lashes are layered with some lashes more curled than others to emphasise the natural qualities that they are giving, false lashes that are too formal (with all the lashes perfectly in line) can cause problems with the natural look that some people (including me) want from lashes.

The lash length increase towards the outer corner, helping to really open up the eye and follow the sizing of natural eyelashes.

I love these lashes especially when attempting to create a natural look that has a bit of pazazz!


The number 10 ¾ quarter length lashes provide a glammed up natural look, they’re slightly fuller than the number 12s and give a more accentuated cate eye look, pulling the focus of the eye more to the outer corner with fuller lashes. I’ve tried these and love them just as much as number 12, you can put them with a natural look or really jazz them up and put

them with a lovely, glam, night out look. The bands on all of the eyelashes are comfortable, they all come with their own glue and every single pair is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, what’s not to like?!


The number 4 lashes are the MOST glam out of the 4 I’m reviewing. They are so beautiful and a little bit extra! The lashes are full all across the band and compact to really give a big lash look to your makeup. They’re not the best if you’re going for a natural look (unless you like glam lashes with a natural look J), but are great for glam and EXTRA glam makeup! Definitely brining some drama and density to your eyes.


The number 5 lashes are gorgeous to say the least. They’re hybrid lashes giving a natural and subtle glam look, the way the lashes elongate towards the edges and fluff out really gives a sexy foxy eye look. They’re great with out or without line, they can be jazzed up toned down, honestly they’re fab for any look.

P.s. I think this pair is my absolute fave out of the above.

How to apply your false eyelashes

Normally you would measure the lashes against your own eye, however as these are no trim lashes there should be no need to do this.

Remove your eyelashes from the packaging and apply mascara if you want to. Apply a thin line of your eyelash glue along the line of the eyelash band, leave this glue for about 30 seconds or until it goes tacky, this will make it easier to apply.

Once the glue has gone tacky, position your eyelashes, I find it easier to apply the middle as close as I can to the lash line and then make sure both corners are in the right place, and then hold the false eyelashes there for about 5 seconds, then allow to dry before curling or brushing .

How to make the most out of your false eyelashes.

Before your first application, once you’ve removed your lashes from the packaging, with a pair of tweezers (or your nails if they’re long enough) pull off as much of the glue on the band as you can before applying your eyelash glue.

After you’ve worn your lashes, remove them and pull off as much of your eyelash glue as you can. Prepare a small dish of eyelash cleaner or a soft was that won’t affect your eyes incase they don’t flush properly and some goes into your eye, personally I use baby soap/baby bath wash. Pop your lashes into this dish and let them sit for a few minutes.

Once saturated in soap remove the eyelashes, place them on a cloth or a piece of kitchen roll. Take an eyelash brush and eyebrow spoolie if you have one, brush through the lashes, trying to remove any glue, dirt or makeup that are on the lashes or band. Once you’re happy with how clean they are run the lashes under some water to flush out and soap and

remaining debris, set them on a cloth or side, brush out the lashes once more to open them up and get anything that may be left on them. Leave these to dry and they will be as good as new!

To keep the lash bands curl, once lashes are dry apply a small amount of lash glue to the middle and ends of your false eyelashes and reapply them to the plastic curved holder that they came in. This will help to keep the curve in them and make them easier to reapply later on.

Using these methods you should be able to get multiple uses out of any pair of eyelashes! J

I hope this blog helps you make a lasht decision ;) haha.

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