The Technic Dewy Glow Primer Oil is a lovely coconut scented dewy primer/face oil. The product comes in a lovely clear bottle with a pipette oil dropper as the applicator, the writing is in black which makes it super easy to read and on the back it informs you that it is enriched with vitamins, containing vitamin E and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil.

Once you apply this gorgeous smelling and looking dewy oil your face will have a brighter, more illuminated look and will give your skin a lovely scent and dose of vitamins and seed oils. It can honestly make any makeup look appear smoother, last longer and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. You can use it on natural looks to give a smoother look, as though your skin and application of your foundation is flawless. And it can also glam up a going out look, it can illuminate this skin and make your whole look brighter and stand out more in the gorgeous group selfies!

However it can also be used on a bare face, leaving a shimmer finish and illuminated makeup-free look all while enriching your gorgeous skin!

When I applied this Dewy Primer Oil the scent slowly came out of the bottle and the coconut made me feel so peaceful! My skin was instantly glowing and looked brighter, which also took attention away from my dark circles (because lets be honest who ever actually gets to sleep at a reasonable time?)! Once I applied my foundation I could see the effect it had instantaneously! My whole face had a shine and illuminated look to it which completed my whole face, it gave me such a dewy glow that I didn't really need to brighten up my under eye or apply highlighter because that glow was already there!

To sum this gorgeous product up and how I feel about, I'd say that it is perfect for everyday use and the smell is beautiful! It gives a lovely finish to a bare face and to a makeup look! And ultimately it's good for your skin also, who doesn't love knowing that your skin is being helped by your makeup and not hindered with it! I also think that the Dewy Primer Oil would go amazing with the Dewy Setting Spray and I can't wait to try them together!